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Merchant Shares is an international organisation officially registered as "Service Merchants Corp." with the company registration number 11861 in Commonwealth of Dominica under International Business Companies (IBC) ACT 1996.

Since we are dealing with funds, we do care your security and we run servers in secure protocols (https). Please make sure you see https://www.merchantshares.com in green for https as shown below while opening our site to avoid fake site or phishing site.

Merchant Shares (https)

Verify Our Authenticity

To verify the registration and listing of "Service Merchants Corp.", please follow the link of Dominica's Official Government website for "The Companies and Intellectual Property Office" (http://www.cipo.gov.dm/index.php/businesses-and-companies/name-search) who is responsible for administering legislations, registering and keeping records in relation to Intellectual Property, Companies, Business Names and International Business Companies.

In the above given website, please enter followings details and click on search button to see our company information.
Enter Name: Service Merchants Corp.
Number: 11861
Registry: Dominica

Registering Company in Dominica

Dominica is a offshore country. As per Dominica International Business Companies Act 1996, it provides full exemption of tax for IBC companies for 20 Years. We are registered in 2007. We are eligible to conduct business there till 2027.

To know more about taxation, just type "IBC tax in Dominica" in google search you will see many websites talking about tax exemption in dominica.

Where Do we Invest?

We invest funds on portfolio investments (stocks), forex, commodities, advertising systems by a collaborative team of expert staffs and trusted channel partners.