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Ways to earn money for users on our site:

Get paid by viewing ads

Get paid to surfing advertising sites

Earn money referring people to the site

Get commissions  by downline  purchases

Don't forget that you can promote moneymaking programs and build your downline in our traffic exchange as well.

Please note that Mahansurf is not a moneymaking machine. The site is designed as a traffic exchange, and the bonus that members receive for surfing and viewing ads is simply an added benefit. The site is not designed to encourage people to work full time to make money.



Currently we work with :

Perfect Money

Bit Coin

To make sure that everyone has a good chance to look at your site, the surf countdown is set at 20 , 40 Or 60 seconds. This is why Mahansurf traffic is valuable to accumulate, as real people must spend time at your site before moving to the next site. It's a great opportunity to showcase your product,Blog, or even make a sale.

Our visits is not from frame , It's from Pop Up windows

Because Frame visits  no effect on the increase rankings.

but Pop up has good effect on your sites rankings

  • Promote your own sites and referral links from other programs you use.
  • Promote your banners and text ads to other members.
  • Add your links & advertising pages to our  Ad Directory
  • Earn Cash
  • Purchase Shares and Earn More Money
  • Find new friends and Connect with them
  • find useful sites to help you in life

members have 2 types of balances

Main Balance :

For withdrawal , Convert to Purchase Balance

Purchase Balance :

Purchase Advertising , Upgrade Account ,purchase course , ...

One credit is the same as one visitor to your site.

 Each credit you earn can be exchanged for one visitor to your site .

Our  Advertising Directory was designed to help you find sites within categories of interest.

You can also increase your sites' link popularity and their volume of targeted traffic when you submit your sites in the directory.

To be approved in our Ad Directory, you need to put an ad to our Ad Pages from the ad page you submit.