Hi Dear visitor,
There are many books that teach people how to stop procrastination.
They are all seems good.
But personally, I have a simple way to stop procrastination, which I feel is quite effective.
I'll share it with you here and right now.
The method is simply to visualize.
First, you have to decide what is it that you want to achieve.
Second, every morning, when you just wake up, keep your eyes closed and visualize yourself doing it.
Do that everyday.
Pay attention that I'm NOT asking you to visualize the end result or the goal being accomplished.
I'm asking you to visualize yourself working on it.
If your goal is to write a book, visualize yourself writing the next chapter.
If your goal is to reach a certain sales target, visualize yourself talking to the prospects.
If your goal is to lose weight, visualize yourself running or swimming or doing whatever exercise you intend to do.
Initially you may still procrastinate, but not for long.
After a few days, you may find yourself automatically doing what you have visualized.
That's it.
Not only will you stop procrastinate and do it, you will also find yourself doing it with ease.
To your success, MS
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